No Name Outfitters LLC

No Name Outfitters LLC was a thought that started back in 2014 when Jordin was doing an internship and trying to understand what he wanted to do with his business degree. "I knew I wanted to own a business and it needed to be meaningful." Jordin was exploring different territories for himself, stepping out of his comfort zone and pushing his limits. Through the expression of clothing and different hobbies, Jordin was beginning to find himself and understanding that day to day exploration was okay. 
The symbolism of the logo, the stick figure, was bringing the past into the future. As a child, you draw a stick figure to portray a human. When you're a child, the world is so big and there is so much opportunity for everyone. The worries of social norms and stereotypes were non-existent. While we are different, we all deserve the right to equality.
You have the ability to explore yourself daily. That is okay to do. You do not need the acceptance of others to do so. Being unapologetically you and expressing your individualism is so important. It takes a lot to be courageous, and confidence takes time, but it is possible. "I am still working on myself daily, and don't expect myself to be 100% all of the time." While you explore yourself, help others on their journey. 
Be Courageous. Be Confident. Be You.

Jordin Anthony

Creative Director / Founder

Jordin is an entrepreneur who knew he wanted to create a brand that felt inclusive and meant something. While studying business in college and saying that he would one day own a company, he had no idea what the journey was going to look like. No Name started as an idea and is something that will continue to grow. "I am extremely passionate about No Name and what it has meant to me over the past couple of years while getting it started. I hope to inspire others and continue to develop a brand that I love."